Importance of Web Design

Importance of Web Design -Design is where the heart of An E-commerce site is! Your visitors cannot touch the products, so the responsibility of convincing buyers falls on the designer’s shoulders. Visualize a customer walking into a physical store; the layout of the store is the first thing to get noticed. How the products are displayed says a lot about your business. Now, apply these conditions to your online store. A poorly designed site is certain to offend your visitors; and all of your efforts will go down the drain. The layout of your portal should be easy to use; the aesthetics should be stunning. Beautiful graphics and informative videos are sure shot ways to win the confidence of the customer.

The layout of your site should convey the message that you are a customer centric and purpose-driven company. It is also advised to develop an emotional bond with your customer, which generates customer loyalty. For this, you need to understand the needs of customers, and respond accordingly. Collecting feedback and suggestions is very helpful. Note that our business should be ever evolving, and adoption is the key to survival in the corporate jungle.

Some Methods to Enhance User Delight:

Go for User-Centric Design:

Think from a user’s perspective. Is your site easy to use? Does it successfully leave a positive impression? Try to answer these questions. Investing in a usercentric design is definitely rewarding. A successful web designer is able to translate customer’s needs & hopes in to a great design. It’s better to define buyers’ needs in the first stage, and then proceed forwards.

Convenient Navigation: The next time you visit a hyper market, notice the intelligent usage of space to display different products. Everything is carefully categorized, which maximizes buyers comfort. The similar philosophy is applied to every online store out there. Test your portal again and again, and ask for opinion of other users. Never be afraid of criticisms. As a matter of fact, they help you to improve your tactics.

Responsive Layout: Responsive design is a layout that elegantly gets adjusted to suit desktop, smartphones or tablets. No business in the online business can afford to ignore this trend. Anyway, your customer base s highly likely to be scattered among desktop, mobile phone, tablets. Plus, the consumer market is brimmed with products flaunting different screen sizes. The screen size for smartphones could vary from 3inchs to 5inches. And there are ‘tablets’ with screen sizes between 5 to 7inches. Remaining users could be accessing your site from tablets. Don’t forget the conventional desktops, which still control a big chunk of the market. So, there is a dire need for a one-fit-all solution. Responsive design is the solution. It saves your buyers from a sub-optimal experience while using different devices.

Benefits of Responsive Design: It is comparatively easier to manage a responsive layout. Responsive design is beneficial for SEO as well. An easy-to-use website will be appreciated by users and Google alike. One design is appropriate for different devices. It will increase your reach.

Compelling Imagery: It is wisely said that first impression is the last impression. Before reading about product or service, your visitor is definite to notice the pictures around it. Thus, it is highly recommended that compelling pictures should be focus of your design philosophy. Mediocre images will not appeal to buyers’ senses, and could impact your revenues. Beautiful professional shots in your catalogue will give buyers a powerful reason to recommend your site to their friends.

Give Your Site a Personality Don’t limit your site’s potential with a common design. Give your creativity wings, and come up with something out of the box. There is no dearth of shopping portals on Internet; so, you need to give a buyer some reasons to remember you. Give your portal its own personality. A unique design could do the trick, but don’t try to make things complicated.

The design mirrors your business philosophy. Employ this philosophy to create an exclusive persona for your site. Don’t be afraid of experimentation. Remember that a great design allows brand to shine. Splash some unusual colours, try some wacky navigation graphics, and push your limit.

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